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Breast Cancer Treatment - 1620 Words

Breast Cancer Treatment Breast cancer is turning to be one of the top killer women in the world. This kind of cancerous tumor is attacking breast tissue of woman. A disease in which abnormal cells in the breast divide and multiply in an uncontrolled fashion. The cells can invade nearby tissue and can spread through the bloodstream and lymphatic system to others part of the body and start to kill the organ one by one. By giving a breast cancer treatment will decrease the number of population who has this illness. Because so many different women have contracted breast cancer, many forms of treatment have been developed to attend to their specific needs. New research and development in the area of breast cancer allow Americans several†¦show more content†¦This procedure is sometimes called a Halsted radical mastectomy†(National. Cancer Institute). Surgery could be choices that give a chance to destroy the breast cancer. The first therapy treatment, radiation: â€Å"R adiation is local treatment administered by specialized physicians known as radiation oncologist. It is given with a large machine called a linear accelerator that converts radioactive particles into a high-energy radiation beam that is used to treat a specific, well-defined area of your body†(Link, Forsthoff, and Waisman 81). Radiation puts cancer cells into death cycle. But radiation still have own side effect: â€Å"The skin around the area receiving radiation may begin to look tanned or sunburned† (Pat and Levine 100-01). Beside the skin will look tanned, the daily trip to the hospital or cancer center can be tiring, and if the patient tired, the body generally weak. Moreover, if the doctor does radiation after surgery, the purpose is to kill cancer cell that may have been left behind. It is depends on the margin involvement, and if the doctor does not sure about the margin: â€Å"However, if your team has some question in your case about margin involvement or if t here is some component of in situ breast cancer, they may decide to give an extra amount of radiation, called a boost, to the tumor area†(Link, Forsthoff and Waisman 84). Two ways to do the giving boost, first: â€Å"The most common involves the linear accelerator and consist of 5 to 10Show MoreRelatedThe Treatment Of Breast Cancer1134 Words   |  5 PagesBreast cancer affects so many women around the world. Even with the technology and medicine we have today to treat this deadly disease, the pain a patient experiences with breast cancer is still relentless. Pain comes from either progression of the disease or a side effect from treatment. In this article they talk about the role of the WHO’s three step analgesic ladder and how the administration of opioids for breast cancer patients experiencing pain effect ones psychological state and their qualityRead MoreThe Treatment Of Breast Cancer1309 Words   |  6 Pages Introduction: Breast cancer is the most common malignant disease occurring in women in Saudi society. After study and research, it found that two-thirds of the injuries in the Saudi society are diagnosed in advanced stages. The reasons for that are the lack of education for necessary of Self-examination and clinical examination annual, leading to the spread of the disease further. In addition to genetic changes, environmental pollution, bad lifestyle , Obesity ,Lack of exercise are also factorsRead MoreThe Treatment Of Breast Cancer950 Words   |  4 Pageskeep your body functioning correctly. When a cancer or a disease attacks healthy cells, it overtakes the entire cell’s functions and rapidly multiplies into other corrupt cells. It is very important to the safety of a person’s life to be educated on the effects of cancer and how to detect them, because it is a wildfire like disease, once it has spread it is extremely hard to control. Breast cancer intrigues me because I have a high risk of getting this cancer due to my family history; from my great auntsRead MoreThe Treatment Of Breast Cancer1761 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction Breast cancer is the third commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia and the most common in women. This report sets out to investiage the main pathologies of breast cancer including its aetiology, demographics in Australia and how it metastasies. It than explores the main 99mTc based radiopharmaceuticals used in bone imaging for the detection of these metastases and quantitively compares them, to determine the superiority of each. Finally the report compares the efficacy of bone scans comparedRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Breast Cancer Essay1032 Words   |  5 PagesBreast cancers are classified by several classifications as: - Histopathology - Grades - Stages - Receptor status. Each of these influences the prognosis and can affect treatment response. Description of a breast cancer optimally includes all of these factors: †¢ Histopathology: Breast cancer is usually classified primarily by its histological appearance. Most breast cancers are derived from the epithelium lining the ducts or lobules, and these cancers are classified as ductal or lobular carcinomaRead MoreThe Topic Of Breast Cancer Treatments924 Words   |  4 Pagesand argue the topic of breast cancer treatments. Breast cancer can be found in both women and men, and affects millions of lives a year. There are many treatment options for breast cancer such as radiation, lumpectomy, and mastectomy; however, many people are starting to choose not to undergo any treatment. A Mastectomy is when a person has their entire breast removed, and a lumpectomy is when only the tumor cell and some of the surrounding tissue is removed from the breast. If a person chooses toRead MoreCauses And Treatments Of Breast Cancer1587 Words   |  7 PagesWHAT IS CANCER? Cancer can be said to be a generic term for a large collection of diseases that can have an effect on any part of the body, it can be sometimes called malignant tumors and neoplasms. In other words, cancer can be defined as the rapid creation of abnormal cells that grow beyond their normal boundaries, which are capable of invading adjoining parts of the body and spread through to the organs. However, this process is referred to as metastasis, which is the major cause of death fromRead MoreThe Diagnosis And Treatment Of Breast Cancer1947 Words   |  8 Pages3D Mammography The diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and other non-cancerous diseases are very important in improving the quality of life for many women. The early diagnosis of the non-cancerous disease can reduce the incidence of breast cancer through effective treatment of mastopathy (fibrocystic of the breasts tissue). In the area of study, a variety of imaging modalities is implemented to assist with the diagnosis. These imaging modalities includes multi-frequency electrical impedanceRead MoreDiagnosis And Treatment Of Breast Cancer2197 Words   |  9 Pagesdiagnosed with breast cancer every year. When women get older, their chances of developing breast cancer increases. In fact, 80% of all breast cancer patients are women ages fifty and up. As the number of breast cancer patients increases year after year, identification methods and treatments are beginning to advance. Doctors and pathologists are using the highest levels of technology to treat abnormalities inside of the body. The tu mor is discovered through either mammography or self-breast examinationsRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Breast Cancer1377 Words   |  6 PagesFibrocystic Condition Fibrocystic condition, commonly referred to as fibrocystic disease, is known to be the most common lesion found within the breast tissue. In comparison with breast cancer, this lesion is often painful and can often produce multiple lesions throughout the breast tissue. The lesions are known to fluctuate in size most often around the premenstrual phase, which is also when most pain is experienced (Giuliano, 2014). Fibrocystic condition is most common in women age 30 to 50

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The Violence Of The United States Essay - 895 Words

A bubbly Filipina once cracked a joke that the classy DKNY has a different twist among Filipinos. â€Å"We are DKNY. Not Donna Karan in New York but Dakilang Katulong in New York (The Heroic Helper in New York),† she said. We laughed. There’s the classic putting-ourselves-down-again! Reality check: immigrants have to contend with the â€Å"social downgrade† when they enter and live in the U.S. Although not a joke, Filipinos still can afford to laugh at it. It’s no joke when one becomes a person at the fringes of a ‘foreign’ society. Or a mere shadow, if one hasn’t worked out her legal status. It is a major personal pain, stemming from a bruised pride - because in the Philippines one may be somebody, but suddenly becomes marginalized here. That hurts all the time, silently. Immigrants Ran America But this is not entirely unfortunate. Being a caregiver, teacher, babysitter, construction worker, housekeeper, or waiter, although politically obscure, is dignified and significant to the functioning of the American society. Enjoying one’s work and assimilation into the American society is a matter of attitude. Immigrants, undocumented or not, ran America. Reality is, America needs a huge army of workers to propel its economy every day. There is also a growing population of the elderly that needs home care, as their children could not fully personally provide them. As well as a population of young children that need personalized care. Immigrants are easily filling this void in AmericanShow MoreRelatedThe Violence Of The United States Essay735 Words   |  3 Pagesaccepting he gets from the families of the lost victims. More criticism can be thrown at Levy when he emphasize in his article that more guns in the responsible of the owners will lower violent crime. He failed to explain to his audience that guns and violence does not actually correlate as he had statistically explain it and in addition he forgets to bring evidence within his research making his argument not credible. When speaking on the debate of gun control, gun advocates bring in the U.S constitutionRead MoreThe Violence Of The United States2040 Words   |  9 Pagesinto more physical violence that leaves you with a black eye and marks up and down your arms. As he heads to bed reminding you that this was your fault, and that you deserved it, you almost begin to believe it. The next day is full of apologizes and promises that it will never happen again, which you want so badly to believe is true. Until it eventually happens again, and again. The sad reality of this situation is that this is what thousands of people across the United States are facing today. WhileRead MoreThe Violence Of The United States2062 Words   |  9 PagesIn the United States alone, Muslims make up at least 1% of the population; which is 3.3 million people (Pew Research,2015). Since America is noted as a free and accepting country, any individual from outside the U.S, would easily come to the conclusion that all Muslim s in every corner of the United States are being treated the same as everyone else. That is, unfortunately, not true; Attacks and discriminatory actions have become common in the lives of some Muslim adolescents that are currently livingRead MoreViolence And Its Effects On The United States Essay1216 Words   |  5 PagesViolence is a necessary proponent to history. Without violence we as human species would struggle to evolve and the United States would currently not exist. In the decade preceding the civil war, sectional and political tensions regarding the expansion of slavery into new territories grew larger. With the emergence of the Republican Party in the mid ninetieth century, the United States experienced a sectional pull between those who were pro-slavery Democrats, and those who were anti-slavery expansionRead MoreViolence And Abuse Of The United States913 Words   |  4 PagesUnfortunately violence and abuse are very common in the United States. They can be expressed i n many ways such as physical, emotional, mental, sexual, financial, and even spiritual abuse. The victim can suffer major health and mental problems caused by the mistreatment. Not only does it affect those involved, but also those who witness the violence. It is a very difficult cycle to break, as the abuser tends to continuously abuse the victim, even when they claim that they have changed and will stopRead MoreGun Violence On The United States1418 Words   |  6 PagesAmericans were victims of gun-related deaths in 2011 and an average of 268 citizens are shot every day†. Thousands of children and women are the victim of gun violence. Gun violence in the United States is increasing as each year passes by. Most of the time, poor people or low class people are the victim of gun violence. In the United States, by the law, a license is required to have a gun, but law informant agencies are failing to do that. Some people are carrying guns without a license, and useRead MoreDom estic Violence : The United States Essay1405 Words   |  6 PagesEvery minute, twenty people are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. According to the Natural Coalition of Domestic Violence, after one year more than ten million men and women become a victim of domestic violence. Every year someone new becomes a victim. Every year someone gets physically harmed or even death. Every year someone finds freedom from domestic violence. Domestic violence is an act which one individual purposely harms another, usually someone they are closeRead MoreDomestic Violence in the United States1516 Words   |  7 PagesDomestic violence affects a large amount of relationships in the United States each year. As the times have changed, abuse has become less accepted as a normal occurrence, and society has begun working together to provide awareness towards violence in intimate partner relationships. â€Å"Problems of family violence are potentially the most destructive in our society† (Kurland 23). Domestic violence is a problem that begins in the home, and spreads to affect the world around it. Violence is present inRead MoreDrug Violence : The United States1184 Words   |  5 PagesThe United States is the world’s number one consumer of narcotics and thus 90% of cocaine seized in the U.S. comes from Mexico due to the close geographical boundaries it is easy to smuggle illegal drugs into the U.S. from Mexico. The U.S.’s demand for narcotics and other drugs creates an 18-39 billion dollar market each year, all coming solely from drug sales. Drug violence is a direct result of protecting each business s product. Cartels like the Zetas use violence to create a â€Å"brand† for theirRead MoreGang Violence And The United States1470 Words   |  6 Pagespart of American culture in the United States since the early 19th century when immigrant youth organized themselves into street gangs as a means of urban and economic survival. Today, gang violence has reached an almost catastrophic level in the United States. Criminal street gangs have become one of the most serious crime problems in California. Gang violence accounts for one of the largest personal threats to public safety for nearly all the cities in this state. Salinas, California is a relatively

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Business Continuity Planning And Disaster Recovery

Business continuity Planning and Disaster recovery: For any Organization to survive on log run, executives must give priority to Disaster recovery (DR) and Business continuity (BC) plan during budget allocations and never see a payback from those investments. Disasters won t happen daily, they rarely occur. But when it happens and if the company doesn t have a Plan or mechanism to fast recover, then that company loses its customer to its competitors. Business continuity plan includes steps company must take to minimize the service outages. Organizations must have a system in place to minimize the unplanned downtime. After Y2K crisis, companies added Business continuity plan part of corporate IT planning. In most cases, idle solution is†¦show more content†¦Incident response occurs during the incident, however, disaster recover occurs after the incident has taken place (Whitman Mattord, 2012). Adequately preparing for disasters would help in fast recovery. For example, fire is a catastrophic disaster, so backups should be at off-site location to minimize the damage caused to clients, employees, stakeholders and investors. Disaster recovery plan must be developed and implemented with top down support across all departments in an organization. Every department in an organization must contribute to the disaster plan. IT team should write the disaster plan because they have a deep insight into the company wide business process. IT department is in the unique position of understanding of the daily operations of each department, as well as constant communication with leads within those each department. Without a cross departmental participation it is impossible to put out a proper plan. The disaster plan should include more possible scenarios because the cause of disaster is more. The following are considered as disasters in the typical organization: 1) Employee fraud 2) Stolen laptop 3) Fire 4) Terrorist attacks To effectively face the disaster the disaster plan should be distributed across an organization because everyone knows their role within the plan. Roles must be revised and Plans should be rehearsed periodically. Network Security

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Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries

Question: Discuss about the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries. Answer: Introduction Many service providers characterize the global Insurance industry. Competitors find it difficult to maintain customer loyalty for a long period because of the services provided by them is similar. In such an industry, there is the need to conduct a market feasibility study before investing more money. One method of examining the market is through examining its performance over the past periods (Tsay, 2005, p. 98). Focusing on the past changes in the market will help in projecting its future performance. One way of anticipating the future performance in the market by evaluating the past performance is by using the time series technique. This paper examines the performance of the Australian Insurance industry. The focus is to advise the Company that sells insurance to new car owners the anticipated changes in the market each month for two years between July 2017 and June 2019. New Motor Sales in Australia between 2007 and 2016 Years New Sales 2007 1,049,449 2008 1,010,500 2009 920,109 2010 1,028,673 2011 1,025,935 2012 1,111,975 2013 1,135,669 2014 1,113,919 2015 1,155,408 2016 1,172,319 Table 1: (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2016); (Cain, 2010); (Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, 2015); (Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, 2016); (The travel almanac, 2016) The following time series was generated from the data stated above; New Motor Sales in Australia between 2015 and 2016 by Months New Motor Sales in Australia between 2015 and 2016 by Months Months New Sales 2015 2016 January 93,220.40 98,342.40 February 96,231.10 98,871.50 March 95,000.10 98,057.50 April 94,757.80 97,956.00 May 94,512.00 96,348.30 June 97,104.20 99,010.30 July 96,324.20 99,070.30 August 95,212.60 98,248.70 September 97,042.80 99,923.90 October 96,580.00 97,494.10 November 97,866.10 97,876.50 December 96,824.00 96,929.00 Table 2: (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2016); (Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, 2015); (Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, 2016); (The travel almanac, 2016) Using a 10-year period to analyze the number of new motor vehicles purchased and registered in Australia is significant for the study because it covers a large scope of time. The company will exclusively analyze the trends in the motor vehicle market because it directly affects the performance of insurance industry. Illustration: The number of new motor vehicles purchased and registered in Australia keeps increasing each year apart from in 2009. Apart from 2009 which registered only 920,109 new motor vehicles, all the other years registered over One million sale of new motor vehicles. It can be anticipated that the purchase of new motor vehicles would increase in future. The number is projected to head over 2 million new motor vehicles between the years 2023 and 2025 (Riley, 2011, p. 41). Between 2015 and 2016 on a Monthly basis The insurance policies offered by the company are not renewable after the expiry of the 12-month period. The firm focus on the news cars as their target market. This justifies the type of data used in the time series analysis. The data shows the number of news cars which were purchased and registered in 2015 and 2016 on a monthly basis. Using newly purchased cars is relevant to the analysis because it helps to understand the trends in the market. Second, a choice of 2015 and 2016 years provides the most recent data on the new cars bought. The information captured in the two years is a reliable predictor of the future performance (Riley, 2011, p. 44). The sales of new cars in Australia increased in 2016 compared to 2015. However, the pattern of purchase is similar between the two years. High purchases of new cars are high between May and September but fall between October and November. With the current trend, it is evident that the purchase of new cars is likely to increase in the future. The firm should, therefore, capitalize on such future opportunities. For example, the firm should intensify on its marketing methods to attract more customers to its services. For the time series, it can be projected that in future the new purchases and registered motor vehicles to hit 100,000 per month. This is an indication that the number of insurance providers will increase as well as the competition in the industry. The information is crucial because it has the influence on the firms performance and profitability in the future. Comment on what factors are likely to have influenced the nature of the time series? What circumstances may have produced certain characteristics of the time series? Will those circumstances apply to future periods? The factors associated with the changes in the demand for new motor vehicles in Australia are economically instigated. There is a probability that the factors discussed below influenced the time series between 2007 and 2016. Likewise, the factors are more likely to influence the motor vehicle industry in the future as well. Change in Real income versus the motor vehicle prices Motor vehicles are characteristic with high elasticity of demand. When the real income is increased at a higher rate compared to the inflation, the demand for new cars increases because many people can afford their prices. In 2009 many people could not afford new motor vehicles following the global economic recession experienced in 2008. The inflation rate and taxes imposed on the normal goods were high (Cain, 2010). However, as the many countries started to recover from the financial crisis, inflation and tax rates dropped hence motor vehicles became more affordable. In 2012, real income for employees was increased leading to an increased amount of disposable income (Riley, 2011). Although some people can buy new motor vehicles using cash, many people rely on financial credit. In Australia, it is difficult to new financial loans so as to finance new cars. Likewise, the interest rates charged are high especially on unsecured loans (Cain, 2010). When collateral imposed to access car loans are high, then many people will shy away from purchasing new motor vehicles. The same case applies when the interest rates are high. This can be associated with low purchases of new motors vehicles in 2009 and increased purchases after that when the rates were reduced, and the amount of collateral required dropped. The cost of maintenance The cost of maintaining a motor vehicle is high especially during double-digit inflation. The cost of petrol, as well as insurance premium, is increasing rapidly. However, it should be noted that cost of petrol and insurance premium does not have a high impact the demand for new motor vehicles. The new model of motor vehicles consumes little amount of fuel as compared to the old models (Riley, 2011). Apply appropriate methods to smoothe the time series and help identify the relevant underlying components of the time series. Provide numerical estimates for the underlying systematic components. Smoothing is meant for better analysis of the trend or pattern in the time series. Smoothing techniques are used to smooth the irregular trends within the time series pattern. For the purpose of the forecasting on the future trend in purchasing new motor vehicles, moving averages technique will be used for data smoothing. The moving average method refers to calculating the average of the most recent data (n-values) (Tsay, 2005). The average obtained is then used to forecast the future performance of the market. However, the assumption made is that the items under stay would remain constant over time. For example, It should be assumed that the real income for the Australian would increase or remain constant, the motor vehicle loans would be easily accessible, and the cost of maintaining these vehicles would remain constant (Tsay, 2005). For the purpose of this smoothing the time series, a 2- year moving average calculated as shown below; New Motor Sales in Australia between 2007 and 2016 Years New Sales Moving Total Moving Average 2007 1049449 N/A N/A 2008 1010500 2059949 1029974.5 2009 920109 1930609 965304.5 2010 1028673 1948782 974391 2011 1025935 2054608 1027304 2012 1111975 2137910 1123219.6 2013 1135669 2247644 1123822 2014 1113919 2249588 1124794 2015 1155408 2269327 1134663.5 2016 1172319 2327727 1163863.5 Note: The data captured under the Moving Average will be used for the forecasting purpose because it has been smoothened. Provide at least one appropriate time series model for the time series you have selected. Justify your choice of model. For this model provide forecasts for Jul-17 to Jun-19. The moving Average time series model has been used to forecast the future sales of new motor vehicles in Australia between July 2017 and June 2019. The new time series is as shown below; References List Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2016. Survey of motor vehicle use, 9208.0, s.l.: Canberra, ABS. Cain, F., 2010. How many miles around the earth?, s.l.: Universe Today,. Costello, M., 2015. Growth brands of 2015 so far, s.l.: Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, 2015. 2014 new car market, s.l.: s.n. Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, 2016. February new car market highest on record, s.l.: s.n. Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, 2017. 2016, 2015 new car sales results, s.l.: s.n. Jericho, G., 2015. Car sales show our economy isn't motoring along. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 18 April 2017]. PennState Elberly Colege of Science, 2013. Smoothing Time Series, s.l.: The Pennsylvania State University. Riley, G., 2011. What economic factors affect the demand for new cars?. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 18 April 2017]. Statistics, A. B. o., 2014. Motor vehicle census, Australia, s.l.: ABS, Canberra. The travel almanac, 2016. Around Australia Trivia, s.l.: s.n. Tsay, R. S., 2005. Analysis of Financial Time Series. Nwew York: John Wiley SONS.

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Civil Rights Essays - Counterculture Of The 1960s,

Civil Rights The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in his book Why We Can't Wait, quite correctly named the civil rights struggles of the mid-twentieth century the Third American Revolution. Though it is most often attributed to the 1960s the civil rights movement found it's start in the decade before that, the ?peaceful 50s'. The civil rights movement actually started with legal battles before moving into the streets of American cities. The Supreme Court ordered the desegregation of schools with ?all deliberate speed? and overturned it's former ?separate but equal? policy that had for so long been the law of the land. This led to the tokenism that MLK decried in his book, and it also led to the realization that there wouldn't be equal rights gained through the courts alone, they had to take their struggle to the streets. The NAACP and other organizations continued their struggle with the judicial system, but new organizations formed to help the people in a different way. It was in this time when the SLCC and SNCC were formed to fight, rather to not fight, for equality. Non-violence was the core of the ?mainstream? movement and it was their main weapon. From the bus boycotts of Montgomery to the lunch counter sit-ins across the nation not a black fist was raised in anger. They were beaten, spat upon and cursed and still did not fight back. This was a brilliant public relations strategy in action, for every time the protestors were shown on the news, it was them acting peacefully and a white mob attacking them. These images alone helped to win over many supporters and force the national government to step in to help the cause of civil rights. One of the main goals of the passive resistors was to gain public support and force the government to uphold the Supreme Courts controversial rulings, such as what happened with Central High School when President Kennedy nationalized the Arkansas National Guard and the Interstate Commerce Comm. forced the desegreg ation of the interstate bus lines. Without lifting a finger they changed the way the nation was run. As the years went on African Americans became even more willing to stand up for their rights, to the point where MLK led a march on Washington D.C. Slowly but surely the small pocket of ?dissidents? turned into a nationwide movement that reshaped the way the constitution was interpreted and tried to help make sure that all men really were created equal. Even the killings of important persons like MLK, Medgar Evars, and Malcolm X couldn't stop the flow once it had been released. The men became martyrs to the cause and more powerful than they ever were when they were alive. Ultimately the goals of the civil rights movement were quite simple. They wanted to end discrimination, to become accepted as American citizens with all the rights, duties and privileges that entails. They wanted the power to become whatever they wanted in life, to not be held back by mere melatonin but instead be accepted everywhere by everyone as a fellow human being, regardless of race. Bibliography: Why We Can't Wait - Martin Luther King Jr.

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Healthy Truckers Go the Extra Mile!

Healthy Truckers Go the Extra Mile! If you’re a trucker who’s serious about your career, make sure you think about ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle- both in and out of the driver’s seat. Do you own a trucking company or are part of a company’s management team? Consider implementing a driver wellness plan. Healthy drivers will help minimize staff retention challenges and make open positions on your team more attractive to newer, younger drivers. Driver wellness programs are growing in popularity across the country and for good reason- they help prevent illness, boost productivity, and enhance life satisfaction. Healthy drivers are happier, better employees who stay at their jobs longer. They also help reverse the trend of increasing trucker turnover, a problem that has burdened the industry for the past few years as older truckers are retiring and aren’t being replaced by new drivers.What are the reasons behind this trend? For many, these jobs, with tough, unhealthy working conditi ons and limited opportunities, aren’t as appealing as they once were. But thoughtful, well-designed wellness programs can help offset some of these unappealing aspects of truck driving.In order for driver wellness programs to have a deep and lasting impact, they need to be proactive in their efforts to work with drivers, and should be thoroughly holistic, addressing all major dimensions of wellness:Physical: proper nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choicesEmotional: promoting emotional healthIntellectual: strategies for sound mental health and developmentOccupational: creating true job satisfactionSocial: forging meaningful community connectionsSpiritual: creating and following a meaningful set of guiding valuesHere’s the bottom line: Trucking companies should make sincere and measurable efforts to support the wellness of their drivers, and when drivers make health and wellness an important part of their lives, everyone benefits.Why Wellness in Trucking Needs to Go th e Extra MileRead More at Supply Chain Management Review

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Business Decision Document and Evaluation Assignment

Business Decision Document and Evaluation - Assignment Example This is based upon a number of ethical considerations and leadership and "business scorecard" approaches to decision making which have taken into account all the exogenous and internal factors present here which should ultimately affect the bidding contract and the willingness of the stakeholders to participate in an activity which is profitable and ethical. 3. In my advice I have taken into account the special consideration of being able to foresee arrangements under the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) where the Hospital will be subsequently leased to the public sector/NHS.I have been made aware of the strong preference of our investment partners as to the presence of a single hospital serving the entire district in the interests of attracting specialists and for better economies of scale. However it has to be understood that the transport links across the district are not good with very poor bus services particular from and to the east side of the district. Overall it will be a better decision to have to more than one hospital. In the absence of that initiative then it is better to decide upon a site that has better access to transport and fewer access problems. The decision document and its relevant considerations 4. Poor transport linking is the obvious problem with Site A (Old Colliery) which is a disused mining site situated in the east of the district. This is because it has been stated that the transport links are poor. This may be an economical site due to the low quality environment and the availability of cheap labour however this may not be worth the ethical issues which would arise due to the doubts as to health issues here. I have been made aware of the unconfirmed rumours that part of the site was used at one time as a hazardous chemical dump and the unhealthy environment around the site which lacks greenery for the safety of the patients. 5. Coming to Site B (Dams Nature Reserve) I have been made aware that the site has the advantage of being accessible and acceptable for the residence of the professional staff. However I have also been made aware of the fact that the nature reserve itself has been declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to the presence of Great Crested Newts in some of the ponds and wetlands. I have also been told about the "Newts" and the financial strategy being offered to rid of these "Newts" with the involvement of the local area authority. However based on my personal ethics and professional values I would strongly oppose such a measure and although I would have chosen this site for what it offers I cannot approve of the means of procuring it. 6. The third site is the Site C: (Derelict Woolen Mill Complex) which is my primary choice for this hospital(s)l. This is primarily due its good motorway access here and the reasonable accommodation rates so the place does not become unaffordable for the poor patients converted into apartments. The only problem should be parking and further